Ma Vie Pour Femme

Ma Vie Pour Femme

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Ma Vie Pour Femme

Ma Vie Pour Femme 75ml. Eau De Parfum is inspired by the character of an independent woman who is taking a break to enjoy the simple pleasures of life: a walk at sunset, the sun on your skin, the scent of flowers. These moments when really start to appreciate the moment, BOSS MA VIE Pour Femme help fill captivating tangible femininity and confidence. Unique, fresh, enticing and seductive aroma and its composition make learn to appreciate their lives, really cherish and enjoy every minute. Hugo Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme was inspired by the independent woman who pauses to just enjoy the simple moments of life, go to the house on foot, to feel the sun on your skin, to touch the flower. It is at such moments that she really cares, Female Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme is particularly captivating lights femininity and confidence. If we talk about feminine nature and sensuality in nature, it is always in the imagination recall the fragrance that exude perfume Hugo Boss - Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme. Why would they? This is because the authors of this fabulous fragrant ensemble put into it all the qualities that have truly sensuous female nature. This fragrance is ready to bring to life each of its possessor a sense of a new and untried, as the first time. And immediately, sensing the smell, we can see that in front of us unsurpassed woman ready to achieve their goals no matter what. The new perfume is a continuation of the collection of fragrances Hugo Boss, which included Boss Nuit, released in 2012, Boss Jour 2013 and Boss Nuit Intense, which was released this year. Newest Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme concluded in the usual simple bottle, this time painted in pale pink color. The fragrance contains unusual ingredients such as notes of cactus flowers that accentuate its freshness and modernity. The heart of the composition revealed a bouquet of jasmine, pink freesia and rose buds, giving femininity toilet water. Among the base notes - woody accords, in particular, cedar, symbolizing confidence and strength.

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