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Lanvin L'Homme

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Lanvin L'Homme

Lanvin L'Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a floral woody fragrance for men who believe in traditional values. Do you feel comfortable in your own body and you're proud of your unique personality? No need to increase the confidence with perfumes that have to evoke sensuality and sex appeal? Then try a pleasant men classic that is unobtrusive and just so boring. Perfume L'Homme will bring a sense of peace and harmony you desire. In the beginning, the refreshing delicate scent of mandarin, bergamot and neroli. It vanishes after a while and left it a fresh breath of rest. Later they opened stronger chords delicate lavender and pepper, which underscores the strength of energizing mint and sage. In the end, you can enjoy an evidence base of vanilla, sandalwood, musk and ambergris. Integral fragrance will last company to do a very long time. Lanvin perfumes have been known for almost 100 years. They offer male and female fragrances, which are full of French charm and elegance reconciled with lush tones of nature. If you are a confident man who needs no artificial glitz, Lanvin perfume L'Homme is the right choice for you! Loosen the body and mind with a proven classic menswear chosen by confidence men! This eau de toilette in the world of fine spirits is considered to be paradoxical. After all, it combined incongruous: relaxation with audacity, recklessness with wisdom. Classic Lanvin L`Homme choose bold, elegant and wise men to create their own unique style, have a luxurious charm. In its asset are the stronger sex always have courage, firmness making, assertiveness, clearly defined priorities. Perfume awakens feelings of bold, underlining the confidence and determination of the owner.

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