Lanvin Jeanne Couture

Lanvin Jeanne Couture

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Lanvin Jeanne Couture

Lanvin Jeanne Couture 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a very pleasant fragrance for women. News in 2012 - there was a new version of the popular Jeanne Lanvin. It offers sophisticated and subtle notes of flowers that delight the ladies romantic and confident. Jeanne Lanvin Couture is a perfume with aromas of flowers and fruit with subtle accents LEMNO. Use it preferably in hot springs or in the summertime. Luxury brand Lanvin perfume put this in a simple glass bottle, which is decorated with a metal cover and tied with a bow violet. Perfume box is white which reminds of purity, beauty and freshness. Thanks to these pleasant scents and versatile, this scent is the perfect gift for your loved one. If you are sure you will appreciate the subtle floral notes, do not hesitate. Jeanne Lanvin Couture gradually fade. In the first moment you will feel a touch sweet juicy strawberries that simple notes of violet leaf and water continuous tone refreshed. At the heart of the fragrance is expecting a bouquet of flowers from around the world. Elegant and seductive magnolia will pamper your senses and will not be until notify sensual woody notes will highlight. Among them, the stronger the dry cedar and musk. All flavor lasts a long time. The scent of your skin and clothes for several hours of use. Try this luxury product at an exceptional price! This French brand perfume has a long tradition. The first evidence of this illustrious brand of perfume was the early 20th century. Today, Lanvin, offers a wide range of perfumes, composed of all possible shades that are designed for men and women for all tastes and ages. You can choose between affordable perfumes which has a number of distinct tones rich, elegant and oriental. The first group is part and Jeanne Lanvin Couture. This gentle floral fragrance offer that will suit ladies romantic and confident. You can use it as a veil that will cover the spring and summer and we guarantee that you will never need another perfume.

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