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Lancome O Oui

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Lancome O Oui

Lancome O Oui For Women EDT 75 ml. is light fresh floral fruity scent suitable for both gentle refreshment on hot summer days or spring. And just like any other perfume Lancome is this fragrance totally unique, thanks to accurate tonal balance. O Oui Eau de Toilette is very soft and fresh, mainly due to water hyacinth floral tones and freesia. Sweet succulence then add accents scent of nectarine, which is the most prominent feature representing the essence of fruit ingredients. Hint of sensuality, then this toilet water supplies drop essences of musk and exotic woods. The result of this harmonious blend is irresistible, cool, but the sweet smell. O Oui Eau de Toilette is youthfully cheerful, optimistic, a spark. And it is absolutely smell illustrating the present time, it is modern. It can be crazy girls, but also feminine energetic. O Oui fragrance will suit young girls, but also for all women. The girls can underline cute madness and balance her subtle elegance. All of the women then this essence gives a feeling of joy, a smile on his face. Women of all ages, thanks to O Oui will feel pleasantly fresh and light. This eau de toilette is ideal for wearing during the day. Perfectly refreshes every day at work, but also a longer walk. This is an excellent toilet water to set the mood. The creators definitely surprised beautiful half of humanity for its clean, gentle, sensual masterpiece. It is a formula if the freshness of the new millennium, a hymn of lightness and optimism, similar to ejaculation, which happily greeted the changes. The dynamic and incredible flavor is intended for energetic beauties that are so naturally feminine that you fall in love at first sight. They seem to be open, but at the same time remain mysterious, inspired by the exploits, for the sake of looks and smiles of temptresses want to do incredible things.

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