Lancome O d'Azur

Lancome O d'Azur

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Lancome O d'Azur

Lancome O d'Azur 75ml. Eau De Toilette fragrance invites a summer adventure along the French Riviera. It's a fragrance inspired by classic perfume Lancome O, which was published forty years ago, and this release pays tribute to the original. Indulge in a sensual combination of peonies, roses, Berga Sicilian and Calabrian lemon. All items are harmonized by musky flavor and fragrance combines flowers on the coast, hot sand and soft breezes from the Mediterranean Sea. O'Azur faithful partner for traveling around the world. fresh composition, a remake of the classic Lancome O d'Lancome. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur, try a splash of freshness and coolness in summer day. Toward sunset, when the air is delightfully spicy and is a welcome coolness, Lancome O d'AZUR, like a light touch of the breeze brings an overwhelming sense of freedom. Bracer like aroma filled with floral and fruity accents to recreate all the softness and splendor of a summer day. Splash freshness of Sicilian bergamot, play of colors of damask rose and peony, a playful allusion to the Ecuadorian mult pepper and languorous haze woody notes create a harmony of light, freshness and sensuality. this Eau created for women and girls, and that is likely to appeal to fans luxurious nightlife. Perfume Lancome O De Azur - a new version of the previously popular with the fair sex classic fragrance O de Lancome. Perfume conveys the atmosphere of the fifties, and draws beautiful patterns in the imagination of small villages located on the azure coast and cozy coves. Inhaling the scent of perfume, its owner migrated to the coast of France, in the atmosphere of a warm summer evening, surrounded by bohemians from around the world. New Lancome O De Azur beautiful ladies like their consonance and freshness of flowers and fruit. Top shades are the flavor Sicilian lemon and Calabrian bergamot, which seamlessly interwoven with notes of Turkish rose petals, peony and pink pepper, and completes the haze of perfume musk combined with woody note and ambrette seeds. Besides, perfume offers a combination of transparency, thinness and lightness glass vial and shades of gold, which creates an intricate play of colors in the wave of the sea. Lancome O De Azur will help create a unique, luxurious and elegant look for every woman.

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