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Lancome Miracle

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Lancome Miracle

Lancome Miracle EDP 100ml. - gentle and romantic, Miracle fragrance created for women who can be so strong and enthusiastic to make every moment, every day of her life in a miracle. composition begins with notes of fresh lychee and freesia, smoothly passing in floral shades of "heart" - jasmine and magnolia, warmed by the scent of spices. warm enveloping amber and musk loop imparts a luxurious and exciting sound. Delicate and fresh scent, which initially sounds exotic freesia and lychee fruit. Spicy notes introduce subtle pepper and magnolia in the "heart" and amber musk, amber and jasmine in the "loop" of the bouquet, thanks to you for a long time retained a sense of mystery. This romantic, tender, memorable and wonderful fragrance created for the inspired and beautiful women who can be so enthusiastic and strong to transform every moment of his life and each day a miracle. Woman Miracle - a real goddess, radiating tenderness and love, boldly striding through life and inhaling the air deeply. She is able to bestow just one look and excite a smile. This hymn gives her rule over your emotions and gives her life meaning. Pink fragrant Miracle packed in a transparent square bottle closed silver lid. Presenting your attention the infomercial Miracle. Her chosen mysterious and unique woman. Aroma draws an image of a woman who believes in the sincerity of feelings and emotions, force inspiration. She is the mistress of his fate, for it is no impossible. A new day brings an update that opens the book of life on the next page. Lancôme Miracle first resembles a deep breath, filling the body with energy. Discloses a soft shade of fruit notes of freesia and lychee adorning melody cheerful freshness. "Heart" track slightly spicy, floral. It intertwined magnolia, refined jasmine, ginger and pepper. Such a wonderful splash of romance and femininity becomes warm long lasting plume created by amber and musk, luxurious and exciting final composition. Lightweight, warm and gentle aroma creates an atmosphere of peace and love around its owner, bears optimism and harmony.

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