Lancome Attraction

Lancome Attraction

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Lancome Attraction

Lancome Attraction 100ml. Eau De Parfum begins with a bright flash of sensual, such as that which occurs between a man and a woman. Look. Touching. Sensual embrace of two opposites - iris, extremely feminine flower, patchouli and warm woody notes are on which built this feminine and warm fragrance. bouquet of white flowers and imparts a subtle intimacy, and woody notes of cedar aroma gently complete. a combination of floral and woody notes from the world-renowned perfumer Daniela Atdrie. Fragrance built on the notes of iris and patchouli. And as you know, iris is one of the expensive components spirits. Bottle is made in the form of a transparent sphere with a gold top, deserves some "eye of light." It s an attraction that will inevitably lead to a mad passion. Mysterious look and accidentally touching hands ... Stars fall from heaven, burning hands and kisses burn lips. Attraction when there is a moment: sweet, alluring, with a touch of vanilla and iris and patchouli smell. Attraction, which makes plunge into the ocean of floral scents and one appears to remain forever in your heart. Attraction - fragrance for women who do not forget.

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