Lacoste Touch of Spring

Lacoste Touch of Spring

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Lacoste Touch of Spring

Lacoste Touch of Spring 90ml. Eau De Toilette - Everyone has a favorite time of year. But I do not think there is a person who would argue that in the spring happen the most interesting romantic encounter. And I think that's no surprise. In fact, after the cold, winter blues and melancholy mood, so want to heat the spring when everything comes and wakes. Title toilet water Touch of Spring by Lacoste popular brand speaks directly to us, "Touch of Spring." Very bright, fresh and joyful fragrance Touch of-Spring was created in 2007. This durable wood-floral scent dissipates its positive vibes to all people of the planet. Base notes of the composition - a sensual musk and sandalwood. These two enzymes give the perfume Lacoste divine force that evokes nature after winter. Gentle notes of "heart" are osmanthus petals and water lilies in charge of femininity and ease of perfume bouquet. And, of course, a bright energetic entry, like the freshness of spring, is derived from a combination of shades of peach and quince. This eau de toilette is the personification of energy colors and femininity. It was established famous brands for young, trendy and energetic of the fairer sex. Feminine and very delicate flavor captures the spirit of spring, brightness, lightness and freedom. Like a bright splashes of it dissolves in the air, recalling the spring, a burgeoning and fresh. With the life-giving force, perfume awakens its owner sensuality, gives vigor and energy, awakens creative impulses, presents a spring mood, adds spontaneity deeds and actions, turning every day with bright colors. The initial notes of the composition are intertwined sweet notes of quince and peach, perfectly harmonizing with heart chords that felt intense fragrance of freshness. Further disclosed exotic bouquet composed of water lily and osmanthus. At the end sounds seductive trail, which discloses Sandalwood with a soft warmth of musk. This luxury toilet water was placed in the original bottle elongated, which is made ​​in soft green. Date fragrance: floral, fruity Top notes: aquatic notes, quince (flower) Note the "heart": water lily, osmanthus, lily Final note: sandalwood, musk, host. Spring fantasy on the theme of the awakening of nature and the power of the radiant heat of the sun is embodied in the fragrance Lacoste Touch of Spring. Bright and playful, he has fun and carefree disposition.

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