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Lacoste Pour Homme

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Lacoste Pour Homme

Lacoste Pour Homme For Men EDT 100ml. - serious and rich fragrance that will suit the more mature men. You want to emphasize the style? Want to be gallant gentleman, to whom can not stand any woman? Try Pour Homme and success will be assured! Traditional masculine scent of rare wood, cinnamon and bergamot perfectly complemented by modern and fresh shades of red grapefruit, juicy apple and plum. Sweet notes of vanilla and rum essence meek ​​will accompany you for a long time. Immerse yourself in the world of Lacoste . Perfumes of this brand have fans everywhere. Become husband Lacoste. Be the dream of every woman with an extraordinary perfume Lacoste Pour Homme. Elegant, sophisticated, fresh masculine fragrance, created by perfumer Claude Dir, - not another youth perfume with citrus notes considerably overexposed. Weightless plume Lacoste Pour Homme tells its owner a special aura "is not a boy, but her husband." It is a modern classic that fully meets individuality modern man - balanced, sexual, self-sufficient ... and courageous. It was created for a man with a sporty attitude. He breaks the traditions and conventions with his usual panache and constant spark of humor in his eyes. However, it is always elegant, intelligent and refined.  Lacoste pour Homme  - fresh scent, but this is not another youth citrus "Vodicka" and the elegant and well-balanced perfume for a real man who knows about style. It is a modern classic that will suit modern purposeful and confident men. The fragrance begins with a cocktail of Italian bergamot, ruby grapefruit, plum and apple. In the "heart" reveals exotic bouquet of juniper, cardamom, pink pepper and cinnamon. "Base" is made ​​up of rum, sandalwood, cedar, vanilla, incense and musk.

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