Lacoste Love of Pink

Lacoste Love of Pink

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Lacoste Love of Pink

Lacoste Love of Pink 90ml. Eau De Toilette - The new fragrance from Lacoste bring joy to fans Touch of Pink. It is designed for a young woman who loves to fall in love, my life is full of romance. Lacoste Love of Pink - a warm, very romantic and feminine composition, filled with energy and combines the brightness of citrus notes, which mitigated the nuances of floral and woody scents. Lacoste Love of Pink - a unique, seductive aroma. Revealed initial notes of blood orange and lemon peel. "Heart" of the fragrance blooms luxurious magnolia flower stephanotis and quince. Flex decorate notes of cedar with the addition of vanilla. Components of this fragrance its chord create a real elixir of love. Love the pink color is a complete expression of femininity and romanticism, the trading house dedicated his new Lacoste Love of Pink fragrance all the beautiful and cheerful females that under no circumstances are optimistic and sincerely happy occurring every day. Because they are in a nice love, inspires and exhilarating. Light citrus notes of lemon peel and orange juice entrain dreams dreamland, where they pick up elegantly woven in sensual union pink magnolia, inspiring passion fruit and sweet vanilla and carry on a meeting to freedom-cedar, musk and stephanotis. Love the pink inspired to create a fragrance Lacoste Love of Pink, dedicated to young audiences. This bubbly drink - a real elixir of love, opening his young admirers of femininity and romantic world of euphoria, meeting heady cocktail of festive rainbow of colors and weightless spices. It freedom and frivolity of youth, her carefree spirit and openness to the world. Love Pink - Fury game of seduction and feelings, the promise of intimacy and love! Song: blood orange, passion fruit, lemon, pink magnolia, quince flowers, stephanotis, white cedar, musk, vanilla.

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