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Lacoste L!VE

Lacoste L!VE 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a new men's fragrance from Lacoste, created as an addition to the eponymous collection of clothes of this brand - Lacoste Live. NEW advertised as a significant urban flavor, similar in style to the appropriate line of clothing. Lacoste Live enclosed in a bottle of dark blue glass in the shape of a cube whose faces are painted in white, red and black. The ingredients of the composition are designed command P&G in collaboration with designers Lacoste. It opens with refreshing notes of lime, leading to the heart of the fragrance of green leaves and marine chords. Rounding out the image of the base notes of licorice and guaiac wood. It's even more than just a fragrance, Procter & Gamble have developed a line of sportswear L.12.12 an open comfortable sporty style, and of course, you need the same and outdoor sports fragrance for big victories. Whatever you're doing, no matter what sport is not chosen, Lacoste works for you, such flavors as Lacoste Live combine sports and motivated men around the world. Sport is a new concept of life, the idea of a transnational understanding and respect for each other. This is a new and modern about communicating and new ways to achieve results. Nowadays, when technology has reached the peak, everyone is involved in all kinds of sports get-togethers. Lacoste Live, open the wonderful world of fragrance is not so difficult here to bet on a charge of optimism, courage and determination of spirit, it is a fresh wind of mountain meadows, it Water chord for maximum concentration and light touch of charm to the daisy notes. A modern fragrance for young explorers of new records for lovers of life, for the romance and the extreme. Remember, the world is looking at you, and he needs new heroes, new supermen who look from the pages of sports magazines. The new fragrance from Lacoste - Lacoste Pour Homme Live will give you optimism and determination, it remains to believe in themselves and achieve the best results in all, this is a modern style, it is a positive step forward with science, with the technology of the XXI century.

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