Lacoste Joy of Pink

Lacoste Joy of Pink

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Lacoste Joy of Pink

Lacoste Joy of Pink 90ml. is the new women's fragrance from Lacoste, launched in 2010. Its composition and relative brings joy to women and girls with youthful spirit every day. Thus it is said that the odor problem without suited for everyday, casual wear and evening party with friends. Lacoste Joy of Pink is light and fresh floral fruity scent, which can detect, for example, notes of grapefruit, peony and musk. The initial inspiration for the creation of this perfume, however, was the smell and taste of the exotic blue Curacao liqueur, from whom he borrowed the Joy of Pink carefree and joyful mood. Together these ingredients creates harmony that matches perfectly with a woman who has a taste still around and experience the unexpected and new experiences that life brings her. Simply conceived the visual appearance of the bottle reflects and highlights the characteristics of the fragrance itself. So fragrance for a woman elegant and youthful action. Trading house Lacoste fragrances after Touch of Pink, Dream of Pink and Love of Pink is a new perfume Joy of Pink. Floral fruity fragrance from Lacoste Joy of Pink is presented for young, sensual and cheerful girls. The composition is built around the exciting flavor Blue Curacao, which is mixed with the energetic and effervescent notes of citrus, feminine flair peony, cedar wood chords and thick drops of musk. The composition is intended to add to the life of its owner bright pink. Joy of Pink fragrance is optimistic palette of pinks, which improves mood. Perfume will take its possessor to merry dance floor area, and the lights will light pink neon. Owner charming fragrance Lacoste Joy Of Pink can be immediately recognized by the carefree mind and joyful laughter. The fragrance is developed in the spirit of the club fashion cocktail based on the grapefruit diluted liquor "Blue Curacao". This combination diluted delicate petals of peony, musk and cedar.

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