Lacoste Challenge Re/Fresh

Lacoste Challenge Re/Fresh

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Lacoste Challenge Re/Fresh

Lacoste Challenge Re/Fresh 90ml. Eau De Toilette - Lacoste Perfume masters house released a special product called Lacoste Challenge Re / Fresh. This perfume have the liking of all lovers of persistent invigorating fragrances for men. Despite the fact that it can be attributed to the flanker fragrance Lacoste Challenge, novelty still has some significant differences that will satisfy even the most demanding men. fragrance perfume Lacoste Challenge Re / Fresh is not too burdensome amount of components, although it lies within certain mystery. The fact that, thanks to technology perfume Re / Fresh specialists of Lacoste created the toilet water with a very interesting property. Surprisingly, invigorating scent of this creation itself is updated, even after several hours. Persistence and quite extraordinary palette of flavors in this dynamic composition attract men who like speed and activity. Eau de Toilette Lacoste Challenge Re / Fresh as a perfect flavor for the beginning of the day to the very first minutes of your morning, you could adjust itself to overcome all obstacles and bustle of the day. Date flavor: spicy. initial note: birch and green cardamom note "Hearts": oregano and rosemary Base notes: patchouli and tolu balsam. This masculine scent belongs to the family citrus fern when creating Challenge Re / Fresh used a new technology - Time Release Technology, whereby eventually revived fragrance on your skin. Challenge Re / Fresh from the brand Lacoste are perfect for active, sporty men. a new and very dynamic composition of beloved by millions of fans of the Fashion House. You seem to recharge energy and optimism, Lacoste Challenge Refresh uses modern technology to preserve flavor for a long time, so after a while you feel like fragrance is gaining strength again, like you, when you open a second wind for a decisive breakthrough. Lacoste Challenge fragrance REFRESH produces a dramatic effect like ocean waves carries the incredible strength, freshness and incredible feeling.

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