Kenzo Totem Yellow

Kenzo Totem Yellow

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Kenzo Totem Yellow

Kenzo Totem Yellow 50ml. EDT is unique unisex fragrance full of energy and good mood. Her unusually fresh, joyous aroma you in a great mood all day. The unique mix of citrus tones, leather and wood looks very attractive and highlights your individual personality. This unique contrasting composition is an excellent choice for modern men and unbridled self-confident women. Eau de Toilette Kenzo Yellow Totem is inspired by the dynamism of the city and the exuberance of nature and freedom. Scent Totem Yellow is symbolic of the original generation of young people who shape the new strain. Their views are independent and without prejudice. They love the feeling of excitement and their movement is dynamic. They do not like hypocrisy and in his life go its own way. They are very creative, enjoying every moment to the fullest and are not subject to social conventions. Join the new strain of distinctive young people you too! Kenzo Totem Yellow surprise you with its lush explosive scent that is unique combination of juicy fruit tones and seductive wood. Its flavor also works easily, arrogantly and willfully. This unique feeling of freedom and effervescence will simply love it! Preliminary scent Kenzo Totem Yellow opens energetic grapefruit and lemon. These joyful refreshing tones are then combined with enchanting aromas of delicious iced tea, juicy peach blossom and roses. Animal basis fragrance is a unique skin tones and precious wood, whose warm atmosphere refreshing contrast well with the initial chords. Violet fragrance flacon with yellow details reminiscent of the shape of the modern totem. Discover your original and creative and I have fun every day from morning to evening with a unique scent Kenzo Totem Yellow! Fragrance was launched in 2015. Eau de toilette Kenzo Totem Yellow will give you a unique feeling of own irresistibility.

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