Kenzo Totem Orange

Kenzo Totem Orange

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Kenzo Totem Orange

Kenzo Totem Orange 50ml. EDT is a vibrant floral fragrance with woody tones, which was launched in 2015. The ideal choice for an original modern women, as well as for independent and original man. This unique bouquet with purple-orange flacon shaped totem inspired hot almost electric atmosphere of Los Angeles. It was here the young people enjoying fully the rhythms of dance and expand upon its independence and creativity. Support your inspiration and ingenuity you too! Unisex scent Kenzo Totem Orange is a perfect representation of the interaction between the urban lifestyle and nature. It captures the style of our time and perfectly complement the dynamic young people who do not like boredom. With this scent your everyday experiences you'll enjoy more and more intensely! Kenzo fragrances Totem Orange is full of freshness and sensuality and gives you new energy. Her colorful aroma your world with new colors and you'll be able to express your personality more easily than ever before! Unisex fragrance is as unique glowing hypnotic that first opens with energetic notes of lemon and bitter orange. Dynamic heart conceals a refreshing lemon tree blossom, fig tree and juicy peach. Combination of vetiver, cocoa, cedar and white musk at the base of the scent comes true sophistication. Aroma unisex eau de toilette Kenzo Totem Orange is a very sensual, exciting and appealing. Perfect for spring and summer days. With the scent Kenzo Totem Orange confirm its identity and thus can raise your creative self. Kenzo Totem Orange offers unique journey majestic Andes, with their exotic nature, landscapes and endless motley mysterious legends.

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