Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme

Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme

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Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme

Kenzo L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Femme 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Personification of youthful purity and sincerity in the perfume L'Eau par Kenzo pour femme. Amazing sensuality, refined elegance fragrance enchants. This embodiment of true female sexuality. Fragrance energizes and refreshes the delicate, subtle flavor. When you create a perfume into account all the wishes and needs of the modern woman. Perfume released in 1996. In addition to it, in 1999, was created a male version aquatic fragrance, perfume  L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme. Fresh, floral fragrance L'eau par Kenzo pour femme (Water from Kenzo. For Women) transmits a wonderful, fragrant blend of high quality components. The woman did not remain indifferent to the light and delicate flavor. Top notes of this fragrance - lotus, musk, citrus, lilac, cane, peach, mint, delicate lily, cedar wood, sweet vanilla. Water for Kezno symbolizes many things, above all, water is the source of health, purity, life, youth and eternity. This perfume is created for a woman that’s happy and simple. Classified as floral-aquatic, Kenzo is bright and fresh. Frosted mint lends its purity and complexity, lotus reveals its clarity. The pink pepper note embelishes the composition with its sensual character warming up previous floral notes.

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