Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme

Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme

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Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme

Kenzo L'eau 2 Pour Homme 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Kenzo presents a new perfume duo summer 2012 Kenzo L'eau pour Femme 2 and 2 Kenzo L'eau pour Homme. Kenzo L'eau Par pour Femme, released in 1996, just "blew" the fragrance industry by their appearance! Unique icy freshness, fruity relaxed, loved by millions of men! Roman holiday, relaxing and fresh cool water Sonia Constant inspired to create a fragrance Kenzo L'eau 2 pour Homme. New fragrances truly summer, refreshing, spontaneous and inspired by the upcoming romantic date, summer, clean and cool water adventures, for example in the eternal city of Rome. Release date : flavors: citrus, fern. Top notes of bitter orange, grapefruit, ginger flower note "Hearts" : juniper berries, lavender Base notes: cedar, spruce, vetiver. House Kenzo presents a new variation on the theme of his famous fragrances L'Eau - duo L'Eau 2 Kenzo, devoted to the energy of the water element - a symbol of freshness, purity and coolness! L'Eau 2 Kenzo Pour Homme invites you to meet a summer adventure, inviting to spend a vacation in some great and legendary city. For example, in Rome! Where can feel the breath of eras and sense of time disappears, where tranquility is something commonplace majestic, grand and luxurious. And fountains, sparkling spray sources seem eternal life! Song: grapefruit, bitter orange, ginger, lavender, juniper berries, vetiver, cedar, fir. Fragrance created in 2012.

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