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Kenzo Homme Sport

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Kenzo Homme Sport

Kenzo Homme Sport 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Impossible to imagine a strong, active man without constant motion. Business meetings, lunch with colleagues, long tube and finally a nice, welcome dinner with your beloved in a lovely restaurant. How to look flawlessly performing so many things and spending a lot of effort? This is the best assistant deodorant for men Kenzo Homme Sport Kenzo. sour-woody odor presented mint extract that is known to be extremely invigorating and stimulating. Bright, fresh grapefruit scent and tantalizing lemon, bitter, warm geranium scented spices, ginger flower and cedar wood, promote concentration, concentration. absolute protection from unpleasant odors, guaranteed excellent and fresh fragrance Kenzo Homme Sport Kenzo. Do not be afraid to be the best and conquer the coveted tops, to achieve success in everything. Dari around manly, stylish and harmonious flavor. Date of release : 2012 Country of manufacturer : France Gender : Male Classification flavor : woody, spicy Top notes : grapefruit, mint and lemon note " heart ": geranium, ginger and various spices final note : cedar and vetiver. It is a bright sports perfume for bold and daring unsurpassed male. This is an ambitious and young conqueror of hearts , which is much ready, for the sake of maximum. Sexy and stylish fragrance cologne Kenzo Hom Sport will be the perfect accessory that will complement any beneficial way.

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