Kenzo Homme Night

Kenzo Homme Night

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Kenzo Homme Night

Kenzo Homme Night 100ml. Eau De Toilette teaches you in life risk. Seductive essence of attractiveness and sensuality, in which you will evoke good humor and playfulness. Romantic fragrance with a tropical touch to your fill satisfy your olfactory senses. Energy express his feelings. Kenzo Kenzo Homme Night's eau de toilette for men who want to act on their surroundings interesting experience. That you can succeed with the help of cardamom, coriander and grapefruit. With the contribution of fresh and ripe ingredients that your body creates a lot of seductive and irresistible points. Dark vial of eau de toilette for men Kenzo Kenzo Homme Night corresponds luscious consistency hidden inside. Venture into a company with a dominant woody haze in the back. Recitation of the women around you exotic ingredients that you make a charming and irresistible individuals. The owner of the perfume Kenzo Homme Night - direct and confident man, for which there are no obstacles in achieving this goal. Released in 2014, the fragrance became the personification of powerful and assertive male character. Composition Kenzo Homme Night reveals notes of cardamom, grapefruit and fresh coriander. The "heart" of the fragrance presented astringent chords of geranium, sage and juicy mangoes which are merging into a single whole, convey the depth and sophistication of this tree-fruit fragrance. Wood shades, vetiver and tonka bean became the final chord of this bright and at the same time sensual magical symphony. The elegant bottle of perfume Kenzo Homme Night blue emotionally perceived as sensitivity, loyalty, serenity and tranquility.

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