Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee

Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee

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Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee

Kenzo Homme Eau De Toilette Boisee 100ml. - KENZO opens our eyes to the extraordinary harmony of nature and man. Aroma KENZO Homme Eau de Toilette Boisee is not just a fragrance for men, rather it is an invisible connection between the male character and nature. The strength of the male spirit, generosity and inner confidence associated with trees, with nature. Every woman dreams of love gentle, subtle and strong spirit of man. Like a mighty tree, it can shut down your body to your favorite, protect it from rain, warm with its warmth in the cold, or be it for the shade when the sun is merciless and escape from the heat can only be in the arms of a loved one. Mint and basil in flavor are cool woods, warm and spicy notes of black pepper and rosemary flirt and beckon to him, and the greatness of cedar and vetiver indicate perfection and elegant man. New KENZO created for the strong spirit of men, for the modern gentleman, passionate but gentle and generous. For romantics and dreamers of happiness for his family, for those who overcome all difficulties and hardships for those who know the way to joy, love and the infinite enjoyment of life in all its manifestations. As if spellbound, thick and fresh, quiet autumn forest, which smells like rain, a sweet-smoky aroma of cedar, pine trees, lush grass and delicate fragrance of mint, became the inspiration for the creation of the fragrance for men Kenzo Homme Boisee. Perfume has a wood motif that gives her gentleness and refinement, as well as an elegant fragrance. The scent opens with a pleasant, warm notes of basil, mint stupefying, which, as we know, has a favorable effect on the nervous system, then gradually turn into sweet rosemary and black pepper. The composition is completed the combination of saturated vetiver and cedar wood extract. Feel like walking on a mysterious, full of mysterious rustlings, forest. The air is extremely fresh, I heard a distant, alarming rustle and crackle of tree branches. Even the sun, as if being played, it hides, it flashes its rays, making you smile. Date aroma: woody, spicy Top notes: mint blue, Tuscan basil note "Hearts": rosemary, black pepper Final note: Haitian vetiver, cedar Virginia.

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