Kenzo Flower Tag

Kenzo Flower Tag

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Kenzo Flower Tag

Kenzo Flower Tag 100ml. Eau De Toilette is fruity-floral version, full of youth, freshness and clarity Flower by Kenzo perfume since 2000. Bold graffiti, urban art, young, free and full of creativity. All these have contributed to the fragrance Kenzo Flower Tag. Each artist has his business card graffiti or "tags". The debut fragrance Kenzo Flower Tag consists of agreements grapefruit, black currant and rhubarb delicious captivating. Notes plants are permeated with essences of jasmine, gardenia and peonies bloom incantatory. Base notes are composed of musk fragrances sensual, exotic patchouli, vanilla praline delicate and delicious. The fragrance Kenzo Flower Tag is specially designed to be worn all day. Their imagination and experience the true feeling of effervescence with the extraordinary women's perfume Kenzo Flower Tag! Promotional shining lights of the metropolis, urban graffiti, sirens and music, all mixed up in this fragrance. Fruity-floral composition starts bright cocktail of black currant, rhubarb and tangerine. Heart of the fragrance is filled with gentle but swift chords peony, jasmine and lily. Flex creates tea, vanilla and musk. Sweet pleasant female perfume perfumer Oliver Cresp created in 2012. Sweet fruity floral sweet family creates a thick sound. Youth fragrance is designed for bright individuals. Powdery notes wonderfully fit in with her friends gatherings or meetings. It is recommended to use both day and evening. Spring and autumn flavor magically revealed on the skin beautifully. Reserves the stunning train. Has tremendous resistance.

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