Kenzo Flower In The Air EDP

Kenzo Flower In The Air EDP

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Kenzo Flower In The Air EDP

Kenzo Flower In The Air 100ml. Eau De Parfum embodies lightness and carefree summer, daydreaming and beauty. With this floral scent like yourself to blossom like a flower. You look impressive and attractive. A thin trail of delicate eau de parfum will draw views of men like moths attracted the sweet nectar of flowers. Top notes of sweet raspberry and pink pepper blend perfectly with floral "heart" of the fragrance, which is made ​​up of a bouquet of magnolia, gardenia and roses, and a final note of Eau de Parfum is white Musk, whereby the flavor, though sweet, but not cloying has intrusive. With Kenzo Flower in The Air any clothing will look on you, elegant and romantic. Are you sure you got out of the frame romantic film: dreamy and a little love. Fragrances Kenzo Flower In The Air has become one of the most famous fragrances in the line Flower, they preserved all the traditions and basic motives of successful predecessors. At the heart of the fragrance Flower In The Air is tender and bright rose, which gives its owner the image of a fragile and delicate girl. This work of art has created a well-known perfume perfumer Alberto Morillas, he worked on the scent of it, and the design of the bottle was designed by Serge Manso. Suitable perfumes for young and middle-aged women, who prefer to create an image of tenderness and delicate femininity. Released in 2013, it belongs to the family of fragrances - oriental, floral. Top notes reveal perfume hawthorn, tangerine, black currant. Middle notes - magnolia, raspberry, rose. Base notes - vanilla, musk. Kenzo Flower In The Air - translated as flower floating in the air, which has a delicate floral scent and perfectly suited ardent optimist, fearless, sexy and liberated. The faces disappear, the air envelops the body and off the ground, graceful charm and brightness.

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