Kenzo Flower EDT

Kenzo Flower EDT

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Kenzo Flower EDT

Kenzo Flower EDT 100ml. is the freshness of nature combined with the energy of city life style. This floral scent is built on three basic agreements that revolve around aromas of rose, violet and currant. The base is made of vanilla and white musk. The fragrance was created and launched in 2000. Watching the tenacity and strength of brittle flower tries to light in the center of the vast metropolis, House Kenzo creates its iconic fragrance by Kenzo Flower. Inspired floral fragrance became a nomad - wild red poppy, which has taken root within the city asphalt, to proclaim the triumph and victory of nature. In red poppy had no flavor, until a Flower by Kenzo - the protagonist of the big city, the timeless element total urbanization. Dedicated to all women living in large cities, Flower by Kenzo inspires its possessor, giving her a sense of freedom and Updates! It is exquisite, gorgeous, floral-oriental, feminine fragrance was released in 2000. The composition opens beautifully delicious mandarin, hawthorn, black currant and Bulgarian rose. In the sensible heart - parma violet, opoponax, rose and jasmine. The cozy, enveloping line - white musk, vanilla fruit and incense. Unique women's fragrance Kenzo Flower by Kenzo was designed with the idea to invent the smell of poppy flower. Poppy is the only flower lacks flavor, which would complement this beautiful and distinctive plant. Scent Kenzo Flower by Kenzo was founded in 2000 and its charming floral-powdery aroma is ideal for romantic women who like balance while seeking genuine extraordinary things.

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