Kenzo Flower EDP

Kenzo Flower EDP

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Kenzo Flower EDP

Kenzo Flower EDP 100ml. - Crazy rhythm of the city does not stop time, but a bright red flower in a series of gray everyday life not only able to attract and capture your attention. Mack grows in the asphalt, in the "concrete jungle" - a strong, irresistible, introducing emotion and filling life energy. There is no smell of poppy, nature did not give, but Kenzo presented, creating perfume Kenzo Flower By Kenzo - Light and elegant, evocative originality and uniqueness of their owner. Extravaganza of tender Parma violets, wild hawthorn, black currant and luxurious Bulgarian rose soloist in the composition. They are joined by the fascinating heart notes of white musk and Bourbon vanilla. Charm and charm toilet water Flaue Bai Kenzo lend a refined and tsiklozal gedion. Fragile transparent bottle perfume Flower By Kenzo Decorated with a poppy, can be ordered by phone or online Internet store Bruna. Women's fragrance that can be attributed to the family of the East flower. It was first presented to the world community in 2000. Flower by Kenzo - surprisingly sensual, powdery fragrance, represents a combination of pristine nature and the bustling city. Flower by Kenzo starts with top notes of black currant, hawthorn, Bulgarian rose and mandarin. At the heart of which is located jasmine, parma violet, rose and opoponax. At the base of the pyramid formed vanilla, white musk and incense, which create a unique powdery trail.

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