Kenzo Amour Florale

Kenzo Amour Florale

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Kenzo Amour Florale

Kenzo Amour Florale EDT for women 85 ml. is a spring fragrance arriving on the market in April 2009. This fresh, romantic and floral perfume is sprinkled with gentle petals and inspired by adventures from journeys. Outside, aware of the hours passing by, of the changing light, I let myself be gently dazzled. In Asia, the poets say that the purest light is written in white flowers. Kenzo Amour Eau de Toilette Florale initiates a new journey of love into the light with a feminine bouquet of delicate white blossoms. Perfume for women Kenzo Amour Florale inspired an exciting journey and a wonderful holiday, give you a feeling of summer euphoria. It is extremely tender, slightly sweet, but totally unobtrusive, its unique scent reminiscent of a bouquet of exotic Asian flowers. The composition is revealed gradually, allowing fully enjoy every hint of flavor. Pyramid reveals intense perfume smell of cedar, which eliminates the excessive fatigue, nervousness or confusion. Fruity, earthy smell of black currant, fragrant roses, a subtle shade of neroli, frangipani, buttery, rich aroma of gardenia, reminiscent of the warm touch of sunlight and spicy cardamom, similar to gingerbread, underlined the true charm of its owner. Underline their beauty, feel carefree, easy , feel the deep femininity, elegance and passion, cutting natural charm. You have to feel happy, eyes will shine like precious diamonds and the surrounding sweeping your elegance will not be able to look away. For every girl is important to be loved and cherished, with a perfume Kenzo Amour Florale is quite simple.

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