Katy Perry Killer Queen

Katy Perry Killer Queen

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Katy Perry Killer Queen

Katy Perry Killer Queen 100ml. Eau De Parfum is designed for confident women who are by themselves and go against the stream. Captivating and sophisticated fragrance from the famous pop singer Katy Perry is named after a song from the singer Freddy Mercury's Killer Qeen. Accurately reflects the nature of rockers and rebels! Pop star Katy Perry launches its third in a row and the first created in collaboration with Coty, the fragrance. Fragrance named Killer Queen in honor of a song written by Freddie Mercury, and it is very different from its two predecessors. Killer Queen - a phrase that was in my vocabulary since I turned 15, because of the song Killer Queen group Queen, Perry said. Freddie Mercury's words drew a portrait of the woman that I wanted to be. She seemed very strong, and it catches everyone's attention, but he entered the room. I named my company Killer Queen in honor of the song. I feel that, after all this time, I can use that name in connection with something that I do. I feel like finally getting closer to the woman, drawn by Freddy. Fragrance is announced as a playful, elegant, powerful, bright and tasty. It reflects the rebellious spirit of the singer. When I spent making KILLER QUEEN, I was inspired by the strong, confident woman, and this is what I believed - this fragrance is someone who frees the energy latent within you.


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