Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend

Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend

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Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend

Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Justin Bieber is launching a new fragrance for women - Next Girlfriend. New composition continues the line started Girlfriend original edition of 2012, which was declared as a "flirtatious, personal and seductive" fruity floral-musky scent. Initiate new girl Next Girlfriend - is sweet, juicy and energetic fruit composition. Sweet notes of the initial Next Girlfriend presented school velvety peach and pineapple, which emphasize the innocence and optimism of youth. The heart of the composition includes a passionate accords of raspberry accompanied by floral nuances of freesia and lily of the valley. Musky base scent gives sensual and seductive character. Today started of juicy fruit and fresh flowers, scents Girlfriend line devoted to all admirers Bieber. Sweet and warm notes and delicate petals symbolize the arms of Justin, which wants to be many young girls from around the world. This fragrance of 2014 for young girls, created as a continuation of the theme of the previous perfume Girlfriend, created in 2012. In opposition to the latter, which can be described as a seductive, romantic and flirty, the novelty has become more dynamic and sweet. Fruity and floral notes - a trend of the summer of 2014, and their combination with sweet notes - a "new wave", which is expected to become a fashion to autumn 2014. Message famous singer of the same name, in whose bowels is juiciness, sweetness, innocence and youthfulness. Fragrance full of energy and positive emotions. Essential cocktail shrouded in a haze of tropical fruit. Parfum for Women is a winning perfume composition. Attacking the essence of peach and pineapple will make you the attention you will complete another ingredient raspberry and freesia. Justin Bieber Next Girlfriend, it's heart in his throat, which is presented by an original and unique way.

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