Juicy Couture Peace Love a Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Peace Love a Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture Peace Love a Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture Peace Love a Juicy Couture 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Explosion of joy, a breathtaking, consists of a lemon tree petals, wild hyacinth sweet apple and chord combined with incredibly delicacy, delicate as the first lady, the absolute black currant buds. Top notes exciting extravaganza continues luxurious heart of jasmine absolute, star magnolia, poppy Malibu, honeysuckle and linden blossom. And this impetuous whirlwind of joy balances languid serenity with base notes of iris root extract, patchouli and purity of flowers unfolding like a roll of the finest Chinese silk, sensual musk. scent of freedom before which you can not resist, you can not - because it is a crime against itself! Release yourself to freedom, let sing around flowers and butterflies, even over his head a rainbow and the sun shine upon your path in life! The path of peace, love and happiness: Peace, Love & Juicy Couture! For anyone who is seeking life of joy and happiness, fragrance Peace, Love and Juicy Couture sounds like a call to live in love and peace. And, of course, always be in fashion. Peace, Love and Juicy Couture serves as a goodwill ambassador, taking on an important mission to find and unite like-minded people. Bright bottle decorated with the famous hippie attributes, so enticing that and wants to try on all his trinkets:-heart pendant necklace of turquoise and pink fluffy bracelet. Top notes are hyacinth, black currant leaves, lemon Amalfi, red apple. Middle notes: jasmine, magnolia, red poppy, flowers lemon, lime color. Base notes: orris root, patchouli and musk.

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