Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture

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Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture 100ml. EDP - A woman always requires a lot of attention. For the most demanding and feminine seductresses, exclusive perfumed water Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture was created. This romantic and sensual composition shows the depth and diversity of female nature. Here are mixed together three queen flowers - jasmine, honeysuckle and lily. These three goddesses give the compositions their own special fragrant shades, making the perfume worthy of a real goddess. To the flower motifs are gradually added breaths of fruit orchards, where the fragrant mandarins and juicy, caramel apples ripen. The lone amaryllis, refined patchouli and passionate musk enrich the perfumed extravaganza with unhurried melodies of feelings, relationships, flirting and passion. The aroma of cheerful mood, activity and irresistibility has presented to the pretty women who are in love with life, the Juicy Couture brand is I Love Juicy Couture! "I love my man, I love my life, in all its manifestations, I love my style - the unique, amazing, rebellious style of Juicy Couture!" These words are addressed by the owner of this perfume to the world. Juicy Couture I Love Juicy Couture belongs to the group of fruit and flower and will charge you with sparkling optimism with its bright, fresh, refined and slightly daring, incredibly complementary sound.

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