Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal

Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal

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Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal

Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal 150ml. Eau De Toilette is a charming ladies fragrance inspired by the stars of Hollywood! Its fruity-floral composition gives a very sensual feel. If you are looking for the scent with which you can take your surroundings as well as a movie star, then it is right for you ladies toilet water Juicy Couture Hollywood like Royal perfect! Beginning Juicy Couture fragrance Hollywood Royal is a very exciting and full of juicy fruits. Here you will find sweet apple, a pear refreshing and energetic pomelo. Subsequently delicate flower essences, which consists of gentle jasmine, gardenia charming and intoxicating tuberose. Basis of smell is very delicate. Unprecedented thrilling sweetness lends irresistible aroma of marshmallow. Clean musk enhances the fatal attraction of this fragrance. Vanilla lying on cashmere wood, creating a distinctive smell that looks very attractive and mysterious. Become a shining star wherever you enter! Enjoy your attention to your surroundings and show the world your originality! With feminine scent of Juicy Couture Royal Hollywood you will feel very elegant and attractive, just as if you were walking down the red carpet! Transparent glass, decorated with gilded elements and topped with lovely cap - that's what attracts the attention of these harmony of form and content. Inside the bottle is sonorous and cheerful symphony of smells, woven from solos juicy pear, pomelo and a red apple. Then you hear a trio of tuberose, jasmine and gardenia sweetish. Delicious pasta with vanilla shade, light musk and cashmere wood accent - the final chord, which becomes the solemn conclusion of Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal.

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