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Joop! Go

Joop! Go 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a fragrance full of energy and lightness. Ease, joy of life and adventure! "Go" from the house JOOP appears regularly on the top ten list of monthly sales hit by Douglas and not without reason. The shimmering green bottle engraved with the exclamation mark is screaming for its freedom-loving and life-makers who want to bring this scent its character expressed. Sophie Labbe created for a splashy Go top notes of bitter orange, rhubarb and pimento, which forms an intense and upbeat-present. Chords of geranium, violet and cypress penetrate after a short time by the middle note and form the core of the flowery eau de toilette. An exotic Fond of musk and balsam fir let the fragrance in an aromatic spice linger and leave the traces of an adventure for the senses. Unique in its combination and cult suspect appears Go, asserting itself since 2007 on the market. it's boundless energy, spontaneity and mischief. This fragrance is designed for active and adventurous men for whom the fragrance - a means of expression. Joop! Go uplifting and cheerful spirit. Aroma stunning combination of wild red orange, bright frozen rhubarb and hot red pepper, intertwined with manly cypress, delicate violets and geranium bourbon. Train composed of woody notes, balsam fir and sensual musk. Joop! Go is a spontaneous and playful fragrance for men, which has a unique aromatic, spicy and fruity extracts. Joop! Go fast, energetic and stimulating. It opens with orange, rhubarb and violin.

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