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John Varvatos Vintage

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John Varvatos Vintage

John Varvatos Vintage 125ml. Eau De Toilette is very sensual, aromatic masculine fragrance that will surprise you with its authenticity. Strong spicy notes of the perfume will give you a great feeling of confidence and determination. Vintage fragrance is specially designed for the modern charismatic man who demands only the best. This absolutely unique perfume ingredient mixed therein so as to ensure the truly luxurious result. Captivating home fragrance John Varvatos Vintage is composed of aromatic fresh basil, fennel unique and quince. Heady rhubarb perfectly intertwines with contradictory seductive wormwood and spicy pepper. The heart of the fragrance is the essence of hiding significant juniper, jasmine silk and Orissa. Delicate sweet cinnamon combine with intoxicating lavender. The basis scents permeate the essence of exotic patchouli, mysterious woods, fine clean moss and warm resin. Playful tonka bean, tobacco exciting and exclusive suede illustrate the extraordinary atmosphere scent. This luxury men's fragrance from John Varvatos brand is perfect for day or evening wear in society. Sensual perfume for men John Varvatos Vintage suit fits like a tailor-made! Scent has a very long life and thus will be a great companion throughout the day. The fragrance Vintage suddenly find yourself in a world where confidence and sophisticated style along with enticing into higher dimensions. Perfume can reliably distinguish the real men from the boys. The young man in the image of John Varvatos Vintage - opinionated, passionate, energetic, courageous and exciting. Heart women languidly whine when they met him. Without modesty, we can say that the owner of fragrance John Varvatos Vintage. The same ideal that everything is looking. Captivating woody-chypre notes dictated by the ambiguity, seductive and fiery men in action. It's easy to find common ground with everyone, he is an intellectual and romantic, the leader in business and personal relationships.

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