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John Varvatos Oud

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John Varvatos Oud

John Varvatos Oud 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a luxury men's scent that is full of impressive oriental tones. Its intense aroma highlights all your qualities and innate charisma. The fragrance of John Varvatos Oud will make you feel unique from morning to evening. The extraordinarily rich and sophisticated composition of this perfume will enchant you. The initial notes of the fragrance are intense tobacco, sage and nutmeg. Cypress and juniper berries are very impressive. Spicy hearts contain spicy pepper that perfectly contrasts with sweet cinnamon. Cloves adds the scent of intensity. The exciting conclusion of the fragrance is made of animal skin, cedar wood, jantare and myrrh. The sophisticated, yet modern fragrance John Varvatos Oud will become your long-standing signature wherever you go. The unique timeless bottle of fragrance is a unique masterpiece. Men's fragrance John Varvatos Oud was launched in 2014. John Varvatos OUD is a perfumed water for independent, freedom-loving men who love life and have learned to enjoy every day lived! His next fragrant masterpiece known producer John Varvatos released in a chic bottle of black, effectively covered with a gold mesh. Perfume composition allows you to plunge into the surprisingly enticing world of the fabulous East - the one that is original and unique due to the luxurious notes of the wood's mate. Masculine and sensual changes in the oriental woody fragrance allow him to create in the eyes of women an attractive and impeccable image of the modern representative of the stronger sex. Eau de toilette is beautifully opened in any weather - and in winter cold, and in autumn slush, and in summer heat. In any situation, she emphasizes individuality and as if gives strength, giving a great mood and helping to enjoy every moment of life.

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