John Varvatos Artisan Pure

John Varvatos Artisan Pure

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John Varvatos Artisan Pure

John Varvatos Artisan Pure 125ml. EDT is a luxury toilet water for men with a woody citrus aroma. Stylish attractive perfume is created exclusively from natural ingredients of the highest quality and is presented in a unique wicker package made by hand. A fresh, transparent composition is revealed by citrus notes of juicy sunny mandarin, clementine with tart speckled herbaceous shades of thyme and marjoram. The enchanting smell of orange blossom and the spicy-spicy chord of ginger saturated the heart of the fragrance. Soft chords intertwine in an elegant noble plume of perfume with beautiful woody hues, warm spicy amber notes and a sensual accent of animalistic musk. John Varvatos Artisan Pure is a wonderful men's fragrance filled with freshness, trembling and generosity of the nature of the Mediterranean, presented to its admirers the famous American brand John Varvatos - it's Artisan Pure. The motifs of the forest and the fougere accents, in the composition of this perfume, convey the elusive warmth of the last summer days with their sound, to enjoy even more summer, sea and unforgettable rest on the sea shore. John Varvatos Artisan Pure amazing aroma, subtly balancing between a comprehensive youth and noble maturity, that's why it's suitable for men of any age.

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