John Varvatos Artisan Acqua

John Varvatos Artisan Acqua

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John Varvatos Artisan Acqua

John Varvatos Artisan Acqua 100ml. Eau De Toilette is tropical and spicy world full of determination and relaxation. Soft aromatic notes of passion, pride and male dominance. Inspirational fragrance compositions, which will take you to the Mediterranean, which will gain enough power. John Varvatos Artisan Acqua Eau de Toilette for men who fall in love with flavors of tangerine, lavender, basil or geranium. Pleasant essence that will make you images of sandy beaches, rough sea and air refreshing water. Crafts fragrance full of perfection. Eau de toilette for men John Varvatos Artisan Acqua is handmade and meticulous work. A vial emblazoned braided sheath has a very relaxing and refreshing impression. Individually conceived aroma that brings countless ingredients from a distant world. Tones, with whom absolutely fascinate everyone. This gorgeous scented water is another interpretation of the popular Artisan spirits. She miraculously displays invigorating coolness and freshness of green plants and Mediterranean spaces with heated sun noble wood. Light and casual perfume pyramid has refreshing fern-spicy character and versatile, but very moderate tone. The excellent combination of subtle citrus accents, fresh spices, musk chord and green and herbal notes of flavor makes a surprisingly sensual and deep, which embodies the ambition, creativity, authoritativeness and force of these men. This fragrance like bears infinite charge of the freedom, power and ease of tuning on the positive and lifting mood. The multi-faceted composition in combination with a sophisticated design vial - a fragrant and beautiful tribute to Mediterranean style. A masterpiece of perfumery art pleases not only the amazing sound, stunning design. - it is decorated with braid handmade rattan.

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