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JLo Wild Glow

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JLo Wild Glow

JLO Wild Glow 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a floral-fruity composition that pulsates energy. Wild and energetic, the new fragrance celebrates freedom, beauty and happiness. It opens with a fruity blend of mandarin, blackcurrant and tropical fruits. The floral heart of star jasmine, heliotrope and Lily of the Valley is laid on the base of sandalwood, musk and vanilla. Jennifer Lopez launches Wild Glow another incorporation to the Glow arrangement that at first showed up over 10 years back and comes after a year ago's Rio Glow and 2012 Eau De Glow, just to recall the most recent releases. Wild Glow fragrance is a constrained version that has effectively shown up in December 2014, enlivened by the high power and beat of music pumping through the group and brilliant lights throbbing that speak to the satisfaction of life. It is introduced as a flower - fruity recipe that conveys a vibrating fiery ordeal. Wild and energizing, the new scent cherishes flexibility, engaging quality and bliss. It starts with a fruity mix of mandarin, dark currant and tropical organic products while the botanical heart of star jasmine, heliotrope and lily of the valley is settled on the base of sandalwood, musk and vanilla. Jennifer Lopez Wild Glow by J Lo is offered in the prevalent brilliantly adjusted jug of the JLo Glow aroma arrangement and during the current year's dispatch is shaded in neon shading of purple pink and brilliant yellow like the shades of delicious tropical products of the soil mixed drinks.

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