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JLo My Glow

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JLo My Glow

JLo My Glow 100ml. Eau De Toilette is soft with floral notes. This fragrance was inspired by the artist Jennifer Lopez twins. As a gentle touch, scent will make room in your heart. Top notes of the fragrance Glow by Jennifer Lopez are blooming freesia, lily intoxicating lavender and wonderful. Peony and rose petals middle notes up. Final notes, mysterious, heliotrope, pure essence of leather, musk and precious sandalwood, exotic shapes fragrance. The fragrance is targeted especially pregnant women. Glow by Jennifer Lopez perfectly captures the relationship, love and intimacy between mother and child. is designed to embody the joyful emotions that a woman feels when her heart is overflowing with love and happiness. It is very gentle and very personal flavor, as if radiating light and warmth. Fine notes of lavender flowers, peony and freesia create a fresh bouquet of delicate, leaving behind a trail of velvety musk and sandalwood. Feminine form of the bottle, in the design of which took part herself, Jennifer Lopez, made ​​in soft beige tones. Bottle topped with a silver ring and cover in the form of a cherub figurines. On cast coated pearl packing relief ornament and a halo of thin vintage style.

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