JLo Love and Glamour

JLo Love and Glamour

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JLo Love and Glamour

JLo Love and Glamour 75ml. Eau De Parfum fragrance bears the signs of the red carpet and stardom. This perfume is inspired by the phenomenal success of the popular American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, whose roots go back to the island of Puerto Rico. A floral woody fragrance Love & Glamour in you wake up with incredible passion and desire. The perfume will make your blood in your veins and also gives you a sense of pure luxury and fame. Unique home fragrance Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour craves attention sweet chords of juicy mandarin, which is perfectly mingle with exciting and compelling nectarine notes of guava passionate. The heart of the fragrance slowly permeate silk intoxicating essence of jasmine, water lily and sensual fragile orchids, which provocatively intertwined with magical orange exotic flowers. In the end it smells warm sunny tones of amber and mysterious essence of sandalwood. Sensual dot creates incredibly sensual precious musk. This very exclusive women's perfume from the charming and passionate Jennifer Lopez can be used for any occasion. Enchanting aroma fragrance will be especially useful for an evening event. Fill your evening gown perfect fragrance that will emphasize your charm! Female fragrances by Jennifer Lopez Love & Glamour is your right choice! Treat yourself to a true sense of luxury and Experience what it's like to be a famous celebrity! With the scent you will feel very sensual and attractive. Wherever you go, they will follow you rotate the men who will immediately become literally addicted to the smell! Scent is hidden in a very beautiful golden bottle, whose shape symbolizes glamorous female characters.

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