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JLo Glow

JLO Glow 100ml. EDT is created by Jennifer Lopez for women who want to give excel their sexuality and desires of sensuality. Smells so clean and charming that she must succumb to every man. Exceptional composition of rose and jasmine, combined with fresh citrus fruits and warm tones of sandalwood give this toilet water irresistibility. Sensuality and beauty, it is more the essence of luxury fragrances by Jennifer Lopez Glow by JLo. Do not be afraid to stand out. Be like Jennifer Lopez. Sensual and unrestrained. Playful and gentle. Wrap yourself in a unique and sexy fragrance Glow by JLo and you will never be alone! Even magical curves bottles this exceptional fragrance seduces a naked female body. Revel in the enjoyment of their own sensuality and try the fragrance of Jennifer Lopez Glow by JLo, which was launched in 2002. It is a fragrance that recreates felt fresh after a shower. A scent so pure and delicate as the petals of white roses, but also full of sensuality and Jennifer Lopez. Sensuality fragrance and the glass that has the shape of a woman's body and smooth skin color. Jewel bottle decorated with a unique style inspired by JLo. this scent is the embodiment of angelic and sparkling sensuality. This is the first fragrance that bears the name of the famous singer Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez: "I wanted the flavor turned out crisp and clean, but at the same time sexy and sensual - something like the feeling when you just got out of the shower and feel the sexiest woman in the world." The fragrance is built on three chords: fresh (orange blossom, pink grapefruit, neroli), sexual (rose, sandalwood, soft amber) and clean (jasmine, vanilla, musk, iris).

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