Jimmy Choo Stars

Jimmy Choo Stars

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Jimmy Choo Stars

Jimmy Choo Stars 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a sweet mystery that will open their innermost weapons. Spicy and slightly spicy essences with which to meet primarily with the warm tones of individual expression. Enjoy the pleasant smell with a long lasting effect. Jimmy Choo Parfum Stars is for women who manifests natural desire for woody tones. Unless you want to cloak into a haze of citrus and floral ingredients, close your eyes and apply this essence. Sandalwood, orchid and patchouli take care of her. Lose yourself in the fragrant effervescence. Golden vial of scented water for women Jimmy Choo Stars has a very interesting shape with a remarkable finish. The upper part is decorated with a black cap and a sign of this famous brand. Enjoy a delicious romance, which gets your olfactory senses. Chypre accords bouquet immediately outline the range of potential carriers - elegant, but self-confident women. The fragrance Jimmy Choo Stars signed a vivid contrast between the active chypre beginning of the festive and frivolous oranges and sensual tiger orchid in the heart. In the depths of these gourmet notes weaker, but gain new strength on the basis of intoxicating. Barely noticeable tone of Indonesian patchouli little shade candy sweetness. Thin and unrestrained settlement risk, girlish frivolity and restraint lady, elegant style and sensual femininity: the flavor is full of contrasts and contradictory harmony.

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