Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense

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Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense 100ml. EDT  is ideal for a man with an innate self-confidence, thrill seekers covered by a thirst for life. Dizzying elements of rock and roll sound organically sensual notes of the composition - a reference to rebel during the sexual revolution of the 60s of the last century. Modern playboy different sophisticated sense of style, but he does not mind playing with fire, making the temptation to second nature. The rich aroma of Jimmy Choo Man Intense woody tones delicately balanced fruity notes stamp, and the resonance base with light lavender outline irresistibly drags electrified deep passion. Elegant and extremely dynamic male harmony Jimmy Choo Man Intense established masters of the London brand Jimmy Choo, draws its inspiration from the image of the modern hero - a brave and courageous, self-confident person, thrill seekers. His heart is open to new feelings and emotions. In search of extreme sports it is often only trust your intuition, and its attractive appearance resembles the appearance of Playboy 60s of the last century. Always tempted to, our hero, without hesitation, "is the fire itself," which is consistent with the style of his life. All those wishing to purchase a fragrance Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo Man Intense, we offer to evaluate its four main features. Created based on the stylish, rich perfume Jimmy Choo Man 2014, the fern-fruity release is the second in a row male composition in the arsenal of the brand Jimmy Choo, which is known to be mainly specialized in the production of women's perfume. To emphasize the unique sound of this refreshing fruit fern-masterpiece perfume designers put him in a spectacular black bottle, topped with a relief cap. Frequency of use of perfume during the day is unlimited, as the mix formulated with cool lavender notes of honeydew melon, sparkling mandarin, bitter-tart Artemisia, sparkling black pepper, geranium gorgeous, powdery tonka bean and woody-earthy patchouli, made in the format of toilet water. Particular flavor accented character holder in its name, which translates to English as "strong man."

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