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Jimmy Choo Man

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Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man 100ml. EDT - For individuals who love modern trends and want to be IN. Sophisticated intoxication, which targets mainly on the resulting style. Indulge innate sexiness and cool caress olfactory senses. Become a real gentleman. Eau de toilette for men Jimmy Choo Man is refreshing and sweet classic. That means your tones brings a lot of creativity and fruity aroma. You can taste the leaf pineapple, melon and pink pepper. Enjoy acquired self-confidence and become unbridled man without scruples. Eau de toilette for men Jimmy Choo Man is a stylish work of designers. Modern line, black cap and simplicity. All this with the appropriate attribute of timelessness, sophistication and originality. Create your physical card. Fragrance was launched in 2014. Feel the fresh fruity notes of fine fragrance Jimmy Choo Man, created by perfumers eponymous fashion especially for elegant and modern men, possessing unmatched sense of style. Elite cologne tells a lot about its owner and will reveal new facets of his personality. Elegant and luxurious fragrance meets promising initial chord of notes of honeydew melon, pineapple leaves, pink pepper, which shimmer and move in a charming "heart" composition of suede and lavender. Eau de cologne is revealed to us fully, creating an exotic and dramatic composition and smoothly to the final summing woody patchouli. Spicy mix of transfused with bright colors, makes enjoy how changing this magical, rich, attractive and sophisticated woody bouquet. This fern fragrance is sure to become your favorite, which will help highlight your manly image, leaves an intriguing trail, and will take in the dizzying world of shades and feelings.

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