Jimmy Choo Exotic 2014

Jimmy Choo Exotic 2014

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Jimmy Choo Exotic 2014

Jimmy Choo Exotic 2014 100ml. Eau De Toilette - This fragrance has a sense of fatal attraction, from inside to outside the natural distribution of unique sexy temptation also maintains the character like a naughty girl, elusive, after all people always could not help but look back to spy on the sidelines, put on JIMMY CHOO EXOTIC luxury limited edition Eau puzzle journey woman, sexy is to be an invisible light, lifelong never get rid of the world's attention and fascination. JIMMY CHOO EXOTIC luxury mystery Journey Limited Edition Eau de Toilette - Former tune from "blackcurrant" and "pink grapefruit" composition, as if to arouse the sleeping being buried in the winter in the warm energy, precious tropical flowers "blue tiger" in the wrist and neck interpersonal occasion joy wound skin, leaving lust mark, mouthwatering sweet "raspberry" with strong "patchouli" sensory stimulation each other, brought back exotic Spring boundless midsummer. Creation fresh orange glass body design, such as the upcoming spring and summer hot ignite greet, Italian Murano top handmade glass art, and with silver trim cube fresh orange caps, reflect JIMMY CHOO unique modern elegance, outside the box design is the use of JIMMY CHOO representative material, universally sexy, luxurious python skin texture, intense orange and black and white contrast, will be assembled in a warm and cold, to JIMMY CHOO world declared a strong confident woman with sexy and elegant beauty stylish. is a fascinating, sexy infinite perfume. Specifically tailored to those playful woman, so women have a people can not resist the attraction, people can not help but go on the road for their stop, my heart filled with a lingering sense of curiosity. Her freedom of thought, confident, dare to wear vibrant colors and printed with animal motifs clothes. Taste order: Order high taste: grapefruit, cassis (blackcurrant) in order taste: flowers, orchids, floral flavor-order basis: patchouli, raspberry.

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