Jessica Simpson I Fancy You

Jessica Simpson I Fancy You

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Jessica Simpson I Fancy You

Jessica Simpson I Fancy You 100ml. Eau De Parfum is floral and fruity gem that will take care of your natural sensuality. Sweet composition with considerable finesse, fragility and lightness. Warm aroma that slowly melt on your sexy body and will last a long time. Jessica Simpson I Fancy You is Parfum for women who want to be sure of themselves. It's the mostly lily of the valley, sandalwood or apples and pears. Essence that have a very memorable character with whom you opens up countless cute and loving moments. Jessica Simpson I Fancy You is stored in a special bottle transparent color, which is crowned with several symbols and lettering. Romantic and tender expression of what can be found inside a fragrant gem. Live sweet and intoxicating life that will be full of enthusiasm and determination. It is designed to evoke memories of first love, give a perfect and joyful feeling of love, and let us once again realize that love can last forever! There is nothing more romantic than it is to feel the mood of winged love, and know that she lives in your heart! I Fancy You offers again and again to experience these exciting feelings when the heart contracts and dies, prompting you: "It - It!" Song: apple "Fiji", pear, bergamot, tuberose, lily of the valley, hyacinth, sandalwood, pink musk. Fragrance created in 2011. Floral woody musk fragrance for women 2011. by Cecile Hua . One shopper is simple but noble, gentle and feminine perfume. Freshness apple, hyacinth, lily of the valley and a little drop of musk. Very resistant - 8 hours, decent trail. Similar to Chance Eau Tendre Chanel. Another woman is a quiet, nice, politically correct nice, light, airy, slightly tickles your nose flowers and fruit, but not very resistant.

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