Jessica Simpson Fancy

Jessica Simpson Fancy

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Jessica Simpson Fancy

Jessica Simpson Fancy 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Jessica Simpson has introduced its first fragrance, which is named Fancy, fragrance created in collaboration with Parlux Fragrances Inc. Jessica, who has already tested its name in creating lines of clothing, swimwear, bags, shoes, underwear, eyewear and jewelry, opens for themselves and their fans wish perfumes. Composition based on harmony of fruity, floral and oriental notes. consists of: pear, apricot, red berries, sandalwood, vanilla cream, amber crystals, heart notes of delicate floral lure ACORD, sweet caramel and roasted almonds. This perfume created for a true lady. These spirits were published in 2008 and became the embodiment of true femininity, charm, so inherent to every woman, without exception. This perfume is a great decoration on a date with her ​​beloved man. Even more passionate perfume scent possesses Keiko Mecheri Attar De Roses . Each of these flavors can work wonders. Jessica Simpson Fancy Perfume even more gentle, airy and romantic, it will be your secret weapon in the battle for the hearts of men. This fragrance was created by Jessica Simpson, who knows a lot about love and passion. Perfume fragrance is composed of notes of amber, soft vanilla, sandalwood, sweet caramel, seductive almond brittle jasmine, gardenia, ripe berries, delicious apricot and pear.

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