James Bond 007 Ocean Royale

James Bond 007 Ocean Royale

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James Bond 007 Ocean Royale

James Bond 007 Ocean Royale 75ml. Eau De Toilette became the third flagship brand Eon Productions, continues the story of the famous and charming superspy 007 - James Bond. Perfume for real men, he was encouraged by the freshness of the sea breeze filled in bright sunlight, as well as a mysterious secret agent, with its incredible adventures adventurous. Fragrant composition opens with fresh accords of bergamot, lime, anise and surprisingly intriguing note algae. By entering accents of iris, cedar and teak, opening the heart of this man. Completed aroma attractive and inspiring sensuality Jamaican coffee with chords tonka beans. Duet sandalwood and guaiac wood leaves a deep sensual trail. Elegant perfume bottle new edition is made of glass deep blue color, which resembles the sea depths. Rotatable cap style secret spy stuff, keeps a theme flavored release. One "puff" of spirits James Bond 007 Ocean Royale and you will find yourself in the role of a strong, brave, fearless and attractive male. fragrance opens with refreshing notes of bergamot , lemon, anise and pungent aroma of sea algae. Heart perfume features special elegance and sensuality notes of iris, cedar and teak. Base notes include sandalwood and wood tree , intense aromas of coffee and tonka beans from Jamaica. The aroma always energetic style and impeccable superspy. Do you want to try on his way? Nothing could be easier. One drop of flavor - and you are guaranteed an exciting adventure! Refreshing day and night ... This dizzying fragrance that reflects your character becomes your calling card, and will be appropriate anytime, anywhere.

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