James Bond 007

James Bond 007

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James Bond 007

James Bond 007 of Eon Productions 125ml. Eau De Toilette is a passionate, energetic and refreshing scent for men. The novelty of 2012 managed to reach a huge number of men in an incredibly short moment. No wonder. High quality, long-lasting scent and extraordinarily low price make James Bond 007 a real hit. The floral-spicy aroma with light woody notes is appropriate for every season, you can take it off both in the day and in the evening. Try out the perfume that would not blow the legendary James Bond, Agent 007! Equally stylish, sleek and yet modern is the look of a bottle. The black bottle has a massive and luxurious look. Metal applications emit strength, courage and fearlessness. The perfect design will decorate your shelf with cosmetics and will instantly attract all the attention. Get dressed in James Bond's skin and become an equally fearless, attractive and interesting man. James Bond 007 will help you with this! The unusual experience of the senses gives you, at the very beginning, a distinctive freshness of bergamot, an intoxicating geranium and a finely sour apple. Exotic cardamom together with lavender and roses polish your masculinity and give it a unique touch of elegance and luxury. Cool moss, intense patchouli, oriental sandalwood and earthy vetiver will ensure that every woman in your reach can see the intimate agent 007. James Bond 007 has a fairly high stamina so you will not have to bother with repeated application. Who would not know James Bond - the name of a fictitious secret agent serving in the British intelligence service MI6? The films with James Bond were and are a document of the time of their creation. Thanks to them we remember the then European fashion in dress, behavior, architecture. The English refined style, classical elegance and gallant behavior of men who overnight become an action hero. This is the world of James Bond 007, which you can now recall with the great scent of James Bond 007.

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