Jaguar Vision III

Jaguar Vision III

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Jaguar Vision III

Jaguar Vision III 100ml. Eau De Toilette - In 2012, the perfumer Dominique Preyssas managed to create a fantastic bunch of courage and manly charm, fragrant bouquet that subtly conveys all facets of the male character, accurately depicts the image of a modern macho. Jaguar Vision III became stylish fern citrus perfume, conquering the hearts of many, with its powerful combination of fragrant become a means of underlining the individuality and originality owner. Top image becomes a stylish rectangular vessel, which is made of dark glass, hiding behind their walls marvelous perfume cocktail. Fragrant history Jaguar Vision III becomes the embodiment of sensuality and ease of cooling, which is so necessary in the midst of the hot summer days. Perfume poured notes wondrous charm, airy lightness, while sexuality that suit demanding and sophisticated men. The owner of this bunch knows about quality, style and fashion all, because it is only suitable for the very best things, exclusive accessories and objects. The scent becomes a new interpretation of modern masculinity, so artfully combines some spice with a spicy, warming chords and freshness. It entwined power, daring and seductive, charming and energetic activity. The owner of Jaguar Vision III - it is a strong man who is prompt in his accomplishments, never misses his chance and always achieves the desired, because it is always successful and popular with the opposite sex. Jaguar Vision III becomes a fascinating history, which reveals a refreshing notes of bergamot, lemon spicy, juicy pineapple and fragrant cardamom. Gradually, it is anxious to begin the transition to the fragrance of jasmine and refreshing soft sea water. Extraordinary energy has a basic chord, represented by many powerful notes. It compiles exotic patchouli, sandalwood and astringency warmth of cedar, powdery vanilla sweetness, velvety musk. The composition becomes a harmonious and stylish, perfect for the modern man.

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