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Jaguar for Men

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Jaguar for Men

Jaguar for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is made ​​of wood and citrus tones and is dominated by purity, style and elegance. Designed specifically for the modern man desires is a fragrance that exudes confidence and charisma. From the first notes hardwood stands juicy grapefruit, basil and peanuts crocante. Note shows average gardenia spicy accents and the base is marked by a mix of cedar wood and amber pure essence. This luxurious fragrance for any occasion, especially for the evening. energetic and dynamic and Jaguar Jaguar for Men is designed for elegant and empathetic man, who cherishes pride. In the world of brand Jaguar know almost everything as a producer aristocratic and stylish cars. Under the brand Jaguar produce gorgeous fragrances. One of them - the scent Jaguar Jaguar for Men. This bright, classic fragrance, created for the elegant man. It combines the grace and stylishness. Aroma Jaguar Jaguar for Men was created in 1988 and still has not lost its relevance. The author of this delightful, precious perfume became Dominique Preyssas. Jaguar brand is rightly perceived as a legislator high fashion sports. Twenty years had passed since the introduction of men's fragrance from the brand that has become a true legend today. Finally, it is proposed remake, which, of course, prepared for the role of modern classics alive, capable of perfume Olympus take its rightful place.

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