Jaguar Classic Black

Jaguar Classic Black

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Jaguar Classic Black

Jaguar Classic Black 100ml. Eau De Toilette is extraordinarily expressive masculine fragrance that perfectly combines freshness and sensuality. It is designed to take a man at any age. The elegant bottle is made of deep black glass, which creates a beautiful contrast against the chrome edges and closure. Beginning fragrances Jaguar Classic Black is composed of refreshing apple, which is complemented by an exotic mix of sweet tangerines and oranges. At the heart of the very fine delicate tones of tea and captivating geraniums. Significant essences of cardamom are contradictorily exported fresh seafood tones. Aroma of nutmeg silk flows into the base scent, which is composed of warm cedar and sandalwood. Sensuality smell provide valuable essences of musk, moss and playful pure tonka beans. This elegant men's eau de toilette is perfect for a business meeting and for moments of fun. Jaguar Classic Black is distinguished by its sensuality and very modern. Its spicy aromatic notes you can instantly conquers! Classic Black fragrance perfectly complement all men who know what they want, and go for it. Favorite brand Jaguar fragrance is inspired by the eponymous luxury car. Jaguar Classic Black fragrance was launched in 2009. Black color - a refinement and luxury that every man-to-face. This wealth leather interior expensive cars. This chic perfectly ironed shirt and shiny shoes. And the mystery of the dark night. All the diversity, mystery and black elegance embodied in the splendid aroma of eau de toilette Classic Black by Jaguar. This superb fragrance elated you, obsessed with pure freshness and gives the breathtaking success.

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